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Defense & Aviation

The Defense & Aviation Division of ITC Communications (Pvt) Limited prides itself in sourcing top-of-the-line security and defense related equipment from around the world. Our three tier approach to supply equipment for a) Law Enforcement Agencies b) Defense Forces c) Anti-threat/terrorism and Security Equipment fulfils the requirement at individual, corporate and government level. 

Through our agreements with major OEM suppliers, we are able to supply a wide range of equipments at faster and cost-effective manner. We have direct contacts with manufacturers and large distributors in Europe, North America and elsewhere. Our range of products includes civil defense equipment, armored vehicles, aviation equipment, security gears for VVIPS movement, etc. We offer a full range of:

Three tiers of our service range include:

Defense Forces

Law Enforcement Agencies

Corporate Sector / VVIP Security

MPV’s(Mine Protected Vehicles)

RCIED Jammers

SUV’s, ( Fully Armored Sports Utility Vehicles)

Military Trucks

Body Armor / PPF/Bullet Proof Vests

Quality Armoring Serives for Building & Other Objects

JLTV’s (Joint Light Tactical Vehicles)

Armored Personnel Carrier (APC)

Access Control Systems

Night Vision Equipment

City Video Surveillance Systems


Mine Clearance

Radio Networks

Body Padding

Aviation Spare Parts/Equipment

Hazard Warning Devices

Fire Alarm Control Systems

Other Supplies

Bomb Blanket

Corporate Security Systems



High Security Vehicle Barriers



Specialized Vehicle Armoring