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Project Management

Our project management services cover feasibility studies, financial modeling, project plans, equipment sourcing, installation & commissioning, site design, construction assistance, mechanical and electrical building services (e.g. power, air conditioning), logistics, network implementation, de-installation and network rationalization. We also have a great deal of experience in managing OEM equipment as it is supplied into the network. You can turn to ITC for a service as extensive as you require and can concentrate your efforts on other areas of your business in the knowledge that we will be concentrating our efforts on meeting your needs.

 Project Support

Our project support team is dedicated to ensuring projects run smoothly and on time. Covering activities such as site surveys, site supervision, and site audits, they provide an additional resource to the project management team. Although the project support and project management teams work closely on a day-to-day basis, project support is entirely separate and is primarily concerned with problem prevention. If a problem is identified during a network installation project, this team is dedicated to resolving it as quickly as possible.

Planning Design & Construction

We have the capability to design the layout of the entire switch room. Using the latest CAD packages, our design team works on internal layouts of new buildings and on existing network rooms. Designs are produced to maximize the efficiency of any network architecture and we plan the integration of networking equipment with the mechanical and electrical elements of the building (e.g. fire suppression systems, air conditioning and power equipment).

For our education industry clients, we have focused our resources in several key areas:

Strategic Institutional Planning

We have worked with several major education clients to develop long term plans for transforming their educational and research environments to address long term institutional goals. We supported a major university in overall launch planning and developed a long-term plan to transform the university so that it can support the required educational outcomes.

Strategic IT Assessment and Planning

We have led engagements with a educational system in helping them understand how to more effectively use IT to achieve their institutional goals. This work has frequently included IT assessments (People/Process/Technology), vendor/package selection, peer benchmarking, institutional visioning, strategy development and strategic initiative selection, prioritization and planning.

Management and HR Sourcing

We have worked with several institutions in developing and providing solutions of short and long-term requirements for Human Resources in different disciplines. In some cases, we've provided technical staff for long term assignments to support specific areas of need.

Organizational Assessment/Re-Alignment

We have worked with educational institutes in assessing the staff needs of the campus and the IT resources available across the campus. We use this information to realign the roles and responsibilities of the IT staff and have helped to refocus managers and employees to their new roles and, when necessary, to a new organizational culture.

Applications Portfolio Assessment

We have worked with several clients in evaluating their existing 'legacy' administrative and student systems and developing recommendations on potential migration paths for meeting their current and future business systems and stakeholder requirements. Alternative approaches may range from re-building old legacy systems to completely replacing these major systems.

Instructional Technology

We have helped a university project to develop academic IT strategies and plans, focusing on defining and measuring appropriate outcomes. We have also developed other Web based projects for collaborative environments.

Sponsored Research Management

We have worked with a university project in developing the flow of the grants and contract processes, organization and technology.