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Telecom Equipment

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Structured Cabling

Wired & Wireless Network Accessories

In modern business it is important to have a reliable, stable and flexible cable structure for the provision of voice and data throughout the building. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the design, project management and installation of all types of structured networks including Cat5e, Cat6, Fiber to desk, Cross Links, Voice Gateways, Wireless Links, Optical Fiber back bones, PBX installation, Programming and Commercial & Business Networks. Our standards of cabling are second to none and the level of our repeat business bears out the importance of always producing work to the highest standard.

Office Connect Switches, Baseline Family Manageable Switches, Unmanageable Switches, GBIC & SFP Modules, NIC, Power Over Ethernet, Print Server, NON, KVM Switches, Transceivers & Media Converters, Network Attached Storage, USB Hub, Fiber Solutions, Copper Solution, and Broadband Router etc.


802.11g 54 Mbps, MIMO 802.11g 100/125, MAX g Mbps, 802.11b 22/54 Mbps, Wireless Antennas, ADSL, Gateway, Broadband Router, Adaptors, 802.11g 108 Mbps


Other Equipment

Backup Solutions

Firewall & VPN Routers

SCSI Internal / External Drives

SCSI Host Adapters

RAID Controllers

Serial ATA

SCSI / IDE / Serial ATA RAID Controllers


Tape Drives, Auto Loaders, Libraries, Bakstor, StorageCab, DDS, DAT Drives, AIT Drives, Sony Magneto Optical Drives, Media (Data Cartridge & Cleaning Cartridge), SLR Tape Backup, DLT Tape Drive, USB Backup Drive, Magneto Optical Drives